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NEW! - Guest Artist

It has been a big wish of ours to start working with amazing artists around the world and create a small community here on Shenasi Concept! We are so excited to feature our very first guest artist below!

Meet Huzaifa Mohamedbhai

A professional Artist/Illustrator/Designer based in Toronto, ON. Ever since he was a young boy, he has always had the desire to express himself to the world and find his place in it. One day he decided to pick up a pencil and start doodling and he found it remarkable how people would react to his drawings. Some would feel happy or excited while others sad or angry. He realized early on in his life the power of visual imagery. It is kind of like a super-power, the ability to control one's thoughts, feelings and ideals and make them express it when reacting to things he draws. Ever since then, he grew up drawing non-stop, making more serious steps in High School and then landing himself at OCAD University studying Illustration and Design. "To create art is not just a profession or a hobby for me, it is a passion."

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*If you are also an illustrator who enjoys designing for the little ones get in touch with us to become a guest artist!