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Artist's Life | Our Story | Shenasi Concept

The artist behind Shenasi Concept is Sarah Shenasi, a Civil Engineer with a strong passion for art. In 2012, she combined two foreign worlds of art and engineering to create a unique line of furniture.

In 2014, Sarah's friend asked her to design a few pieces of accessories for her baby girl. She applied the same design concepts and created her first Dressi Diva. Having shared the pictures on Shenasi Concept's Instagram account, Sarah was not expecting the amazing response she received from her friends and followers. Due to popular demand of new clients, Shenasi Concept Kids began. Many variations of the 3D Dressi Diva were designed and introduced on cushion covers and wall decors. From there new characters and accessories for the young and young at heart were created.

Designing unique pieces of art for our client’s home is very heartwarming and rewarding for us, and we strive to create one of a kind pieces that liven up any space!