Captain Bun - Single -Wall Decal

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Meet Captain Bun!

Captain Bun has a very cool super power! He can be whatever he decides to be! He can put on his cape, fly around the world like a superhero, be a professional hockey player if he decides to or even be an amazing soccer player!! He will bring a little magic to any kids room and also makes the perfect gift for the superhero in your life! 


  • Large Captain Buns  62" x 32" , optional polkadots add-on: 10 dots diameter 4"
  • Small Captain Buns  33" x 19", optional polkadots add-on: 20 dots diameter 3"
  • X-small Captain Buns 19"x9", optional polkadot add-on: 30 dots diameter 2"
  • Pre-cut to shape with no white background or edges around the shapes.
  • Printed on highly durable and long lasting matte vinyl wall decal, with no damage to walls when removed.
  • Suitable on all types of walls except bricks or heavily textured wall
  • Easy to install instructions included
  • Contact us for custom sizes
  • Please note this is the single Captain bun listing. If you wish to order a set of bunnies please visit here

*All artwork is original and copyrighted.
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