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Customization Package

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Customization Package!

Personalize your artwork by adding your baby name, initials, hair accessories, jewelry, etc!

Please note that this is the customization fee per SINGLE ARTWORK. For multiple artworks to be customized please add multiple customization packages.

Please click here to see our entire artwork collection.


This customization package can include one or all of below:

  • A hair style different than shown in the original listings. 
  • White or sparkly crown/tiara
  • Hair pieces: flower, bow, or simple pearls
  • Necklace
  • Different background colour other than the ones shown in listings
  • Personalize it by adding a name, birthday or initials
  • A different tutu color other than shown in the options.
  • Adding a mask or cap or any accessories to the boys artwork

Please specify the details in the "Special Instruction" at check out or contact us!

 Thank you for visiting our shop! ♥♥♥

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